This world is a mess, isn’t it? The dizzying pace of world affairs increasingly overwhelms the media and the global community. The same tired rhetoric stubbornly prevails, allowing for those in power to perpetuate old ways of thinking, leaving little room for creativity. It is time that progressive and unconventional ideas made their way into the discourse shaping our Global Present.

This collaborative blog aims to give a voice to the assortment of views shaping international developments. Discussing relevant global issues and authors’ topics of interest and concern, we benefit from the diversity of our contributors’ experiences and expertise. While the majority of our posts will be individual thoughts, offering personal commentary and analysis of specific situations and issues, we will also post discussion style blogs in an attempt to engage dialogue on pertinent issues.

This blog represents personal opinions of each author and does not necessarily represent the views of other authors or any of their organizations or affiliations. You can find more information on each individual author and/or contact him or her directly by following the link to his or her biography.

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