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April 6th…20 Years Later

On this day 20 years ago began one of the worst atrocities the world has ever witnessed.  While a single event acted as if a switch was flipped to start the genocide, there were many things leading up to April … Continue reading

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Cessation of Hostilities Signed but What Does Peace Look Like for South Sudan?

The Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and the rebels led by former vice-president Riek Machar have reportedly signed a cessation of hostilities (COH) Thursday that should bring the violence to an end within 24 hours.  Whether or not the COH … Continue reading

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Human Rights vs. Conflict Resolution: Different Perspectives on “Doing Good”

Posts on The Global Present will sometimes focus on international and intranational conflicts that affect the human rights of individuals on the ground. When these conflicts erupt, a plethora of individuals, groups, NGOs, governments, and intergovernmental organizations sometimes choose to involve themselves one way or another. Even authors from this blog will, from time to time, offer commentary and suggestions. There are many lenses with which one can view a given conflict and oftentimes the prescriptions given vary greatly depending on how a conflict is viewed. Continue reading

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