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Youth Combatant Recruitment in the Levant Part 1: Challenges and Misconceptions

Beyond the sensationalist and propagandized accounts that we are fed through mainstream media channels, little factual knowledge is known about ISIS’ activities on the ground. We have very inconsistent and unreliable information about its social base, how it has made its military gains, the nature of the coalitions into which it has entered with various local tribes and political groups (Islamist and/or secular), or how it manages and administers the daily lives of millions of people residing in the territories it now controls. Continue reading

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Stuck in the Middle with You: Hubris’ Cost on Humanity in Syria

“Call him a Shakespearean tragic hero, like Macbeth. Macbeth didn’t really want to kill anyone at first, but once he started there was no turning back.” [Nabeel Khour, Chicago Council on Global Affairs Fellow formerly involved in Syria policy as … Continue reading

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Iran and Saudi Arabia’s Proxy War in Syria

Between domestic political scandals here in the United States and the developing nuclear deal with Iran, the civil war in Syria has largely fallen out of the news in recent months, despite the ever-rising death toll and destruction continuing to … Continue reading

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